Pros of Cruising Solo

Pros of Cruising Solo

Are you single and dreaming of taking a cruise, but unsure what to expect? Worried to stand like a sore thumb, surrounded by alley singletons or anyone trying to be your friend and have to hide in your cabin to avoid them? Cruising is an ideal way for solo cruisers; It offers the respiratory location of a resort, spoiled service and the chance to visit a new place almost every day. Here are some of the main reasons and tips for going solo.

Book your cruise

As each semester, you have to ask yourself what appeals to you. Do you want something to relax, or its informal, or do you have a lot of entertainment, etc.? Your local travel agency should be able to choose the cruise line and the ship that suits you. If you want to do your own initial research yourself, the internet is an information field if you search on the cruise lines own pages or on cruise ships like Inside Cruise where people send their own reviews.


If you want to check out some of your cruisers before sailing, sign up for a cruise ship like Inside Cruise. On there is a section called Roll Call where you can meet others who go on the same cruise. Many cruisers start a phone call a year or more before the cruise itself, giving them the chance to get to know other passengers in advance and maybe arrange to share excursions and guides. For solo cruisers, its a good way to find out if there are other singles on board. If you join a call before booking a cruise and find someone you seem to agree with, you can finally share a cabin and save on simple supplements.

Good to keep you busy

The problem of staying in a resort is that there are not always many activities you can participate in. Everything you quit does wonder the local places. Cruises offer many activities both onboard and on the beach. On board you can learn how to cook, try wine, take part in a continuation class or listen to a guest lecturer. If you choose to go ashore as well as visit the local places, you can ride a bike, ride horseback riding, abseiling, snorkeling to name a few! Becoming involved in activities is a great way to meet people because you have a common interest, which is good for breaking the ice.

Easy to meet people

Many cruise lines welcome singles aboard with receptions where they can meet other solo passengers. For example, Island Cruises is holding a Solos Lunch at the beginning of each cruise. Even if they do not, its easy to participate in organized activities to meet fellow travelers and make friends. The dining room is primarily for groups of 4, 6 or 8 people and can be an easy way to meet new friends. If you want to sit with other solo cruisers, make sure you ask Maitred and they will meet your needs. Passengers are usually grouped with others of similar age and background so you will never feel lost.

Dance all night long

If you like dancing but do not want to be a wall flower, do not fear. Some cruise lines, such as Fred.Olsen and Orient Lines, offer male dance hosts chosen for their dance skills. If you are a traveler traveling alone and loving to dance, you will probably choose among the ladies because they are more than men traveling along three to one.

Sense of society

Since everyone is literally in the same boat (excuse the scrotum), it tends to be a lot of friendship. Unlike vacationers in hotels where you usually see other holidaymakers at meals, you can (if you want) see other passengers all day, whether its lounges at the pool or taking part in activities. Therefore, cruisers usually tend to regularly give a sense of community where people look at each other.


To begin with, there are always plenty of people, including staff around, so its highly unlikely that you get hurt. You do not have to worry about walking around late in the evening to get back to your room as you do not walk along dark streets trying to find your hotel. If you take an organized excursion, you will also be in a group by country, best in some countries if you are a solo female traveler. Even if you want if you want, you can go alone and go at your own pace if you prefer.

Hopefully we have thought about doing a cruise yourself. The only downside we can think of is lonely supplements. Some cruise lines hit you harder than others, but if you do not mind sharing a cabin, some lines offer a sub program and will work with someone of the same gender and similar age. But do not forget, your cruise company should know which cruise lines are best for singles, whether its age range, simple additions or special activities offered to introduce individual cruisers to each other.

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